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Water Treatment & Filtration

  • Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Residential

Once water for irrigation is sourced, water treatment is the important next step. This may involve filtration or the addition of fertiliser or chemicals. The reason filtration is important is to make sure the water for the end-use is more desirable. We, along with our preferred suppliers, see the benefit in agricultural water filtration in the form of pumping, dosing, disinfection and measurement solutions from one supplier to the other. We stock filtration brands like Grundfos, Netafim, Davey and Puretec for your agricultural solution.

At Think Water Peats Ridge, we specialise in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of a filtration system for your agricultural application.

Filtration and water treatment is key to any commercial application. We supply and install filtration and water treatment for a number of commercial applications and one of our preferred suppliers is Grundfos. Grundfos develops and manufactures water disinfection and dosing pumps and systems for all types of commercial buildings. They are experts in water disinfection, anti-scaling, antifouling and anti-corrosion for domestic water systems, air conditioning systems, boiler and heating systems.

Filtration and water treatment is very important, but it can be hard to choose which system is right for your type of application. Visit us at Think Water Peats Ridge where we can take you through the design, supply, installation and maintenance of your filtration system.

Whether your drinking water is coming from a tank, dams, rivers or bores, the water you drink most likely contains impurities like rust, dirt, sediments and harmful bacteria. Choosing and installing a filtration system that suits your home is essential if you want drinking water that is clean, healthy and safe to drink. We stock filtration systems that can remove all unwanted bacteria from our preferred suppliers like Davey and Puretec.

To help you get the right filtration for your home so that your drinking water is healthy and safe to drink, we design, supply, install and maintain filtration and water treatment systems for your home. Just visit us at Think Water Peats Ridge.

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