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Our store supplies a full range of irrigation and water management products suitable for agriculture, commercial, residential and industrial applications. We also supply a range of quality Outdoor Power Equipment to keep your garden in tip top condition.

At Think Water Peats Ridge, we don’t settle for poor quality products. Our products are sourced from Think Water preferred suppliers, selected for their cutting-edge technologies and high-quality products and with whom we are proud to do business. Our team understand that every customer is different and that’s why we offer the best personalised advice and solutions to suit your particular application.
Irrigation Controllers
Whether you need a mechanical or bluetooth tap timer, Wi-Fi controller, wall mount controller or a big commercial control box, you'll find it in our range.
A great way to keep your garden lush and green and is especially effective for lawns and turf. We have a range of sprinklers to suit your application.
Water Pumps
Unsatisfied with the water pressure coming from your taps or need a drainage pump to pump your water? Check out our range of pumps.
Keep your drinking water healthy , safe and clean by using a filtration system in your home or business. See our range of Puretec filtration systems.
Valves, Pipes & Fittings
We have a wide range of pipes to suit many different applications. We carry industry-leading brands like iPlex, Philmac and RX. See our full range.
Pressure & Vacuum Cleaners
STIHL High-Pressure Cleaners & Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners offer great cleaning power. With eco-friendly technology, they have long operational lives.
Tanks & Water Storage
We carry a full range of water/rainwater tanks and we provide complete solutions for any domestic, rural, agricultural, commercial and industrial application.
We carry the range of Stihl chainsaws to suit your needs, whether you’re a homeowner or a professional.
Hoses & Accessories
Whether you need a new garden hose, hose fitting, connections or accessories, we have the solution for you.
We carry a full range of generators to suit your needs like camping, as a backup power supply and more.
Lawnmowers & Ride-On Mowers
Whether you have a large or small block of turf, residential or commercial, we’ve got you covered.
Spray Equipment
We stock a huge range of Trans Tank International & Rapidspray Spray Equipment.
Hedgers, Trimmers & Blowers
We stock the finest Hedgers, Trimmers & Blowers from some of the biggest brands like Honda & STIHL.
Log Splitters & Chippers
Full range of Hansa Chippers & Redgum Logsplitters designed with life-long reliability in mind.