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Pool testing, filtration, pumps and chemicals

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  • Residential

Whether it be a small school pool, olympic sized pool or even a resort style pool, getting the perfect pool water can be hard to achieve. We can offer a full range of salt water chlorination, pumps and filters to help you achieve natural and clean swimming water for your commercial application - like the Davey PowerMaster Pool Pumps or the Eco-Matic Comm Commercial Salt Chlorinators. Not sure what to do about your pool water? We do free pool water testing in store.

If you have a commercial swimming pool, it’s important to maintain clean water at all times. Visit us at Think Water Hawke’s Bay where we can design, supply, install and maintain a pool filtration system that is right for your commercial application.

Keeping your pool water clean and clear can be hard. We supply a wide range of Davey pool pumps, suitable for all types of residential pools. As a key piece of equipment for your swimming pool, reliability and the right selection is important to ensure your pool is filtered properly. We also have pool filters and salt water chlorinators from Davey and other top industry suppliers. Pool chemicals are also essential in keeping your swimming pool water in the best condition.

To keep your pool water clean and clear, we design, supply, install and maintain pool filtration and pumps at Think Water Hawke’s Bay.

“Thinking of your next project?”

Our owner-managers have worked for many years in the industry and employ qualified design staff to ensure you receive the solution that best suits your requirements.
Our dedicated team will help you choose the product you require and arrange for it to be installed.
We provide quality products from leading national and international manufactures and suppliers.
With fully trained workshop personnel and field service teams, we can provide after-sales support if you require service and maintenance.